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Profiled: Dondi cartoonist Irwin Hasen, age 93

Interesting story out of the New York Times about Irwin Hasen, who used to draw the syndicated comic strip Dondi. He’s still “working” at age 93.

Now, fresh Dondi cartoons are published only on the walls of the Nectar Cafe at Madison Avenue and 79th Street, where nearly every morning for the past 30 years Mr. Hasen has arrived at 8:30 on the dot to sit at the same stool at the counter.

“I call it Caf’e Hasen – I’m the staff artist,” said Mr. Hasen, who lives a block away. He has a corresponding evening constitutional: his 5:30 jaunt to the bar at Bistro Le Steak, on Third Avenue and 75th Street, for a martini.

Community Comments

#1 Rob Tornoe
@ 1:22 pm

Hasen was one of my Kubert School instructors, and his stories are legendary. I filmed him telling the class the story of how he lost his virginity – priceless.

#2 Anton Emdin
@ 3:26 pm

What a character! I’d love to see that video, Rob.

#3 John Sheppard
@ 10:43 am

Rob … I’ve heard that story and it is incredible! I think it was a film clip of him telling a class the story … I was rolling on the floor!

#4 "Tiki" Carol Leach
@ 12:27 pm

#5 DondiGlennon
@ 2:14 pm

I am looking for 1 of the “Dondi” strips so I can prove to people that I WAS name after a comic character

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