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David Horsey joins L.A. Times as staff cartoonist

Seattle Post-Intelligencer editorial cartoonist David Horsey is heading to the L.A. Times. David, a two-time Pulitzer winner, has been working for Hearst newspapers since the Seattle Post-Intelligencer went under in 2009.

The Seattle Times reports that David will join the Times’ political team providing both cartoons and commentary similar to what he’s produced for the Seattle P-I.

Community Comments

#1 Mike Lester
@ 12:53 pm

The number of people to which this is pertinent can fit in that car WITH J-Lo. But this is a great thing for a very talented cartoonist, long overdue and kudos.

#2 Brian Basset
@ 1:34 pm

Well deserved!! And Kudos to the LA Times for taking such a bold move at a time when other papers are shirking from their responsibility of providing readers with the best form of commentary there is — the editorial cartoon.

#3 Pedro Molina
@ 1:45 pm

Congratulations to David AND The LA Times!

#4 Matt Wuerker
@ 2:08 pm

Kudos is right.
It’s not clear if this means David is getting the Conrad/Ramirez Chair (and six cartoons a week). But we can hope….

#5 Rob Tornoe
@ 2:11 pm

It looks like he’ll be doing some cool stuff that goes beyond the little hole on the op-ed page, including going to South Carolina to cover the primary:

@ 9:02 am

Well said, Brian Basset !

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