Check out: Calvin and Hobbes Christmas tribute video

From Crave Online:

No, this isn’t an officiall sanctioned Calvin & Hobbes movie, like so many rumors have foretold, but it’s extremely cool nonetheless. Jim Frommeyer and visual effects artist Teague Chrystie (Feast III: The Happy Finish) have just released their short film A Very Calvin & Hobbes Christmas. It’s a loving homage to the classic comic strip by Bill Watterson that ran from 1985 to 1995, and which hasn’t been heard from since. Over the course of the comic, the precocious young rebel Calvin made a series of creative but often demonic snowmen in defiance of winter tradition, and now at last we see them come to life… and you know what? In real life, they’re pretty damned creepy. That kid had some serious issues. Maybe they should subtitle it We Need to Talk About Calvin.

2 thoughts on “Check out: Calvin and Hobbes Christmas tribute video

  1. This is cool and very well done with the contrast between music and ghastly snowmen and no dialogue needed. In the strip, the demonic snowmen did seem to reveal a dark side to Calvin’s already vivid imagination, but in the end, it was really just a great gag from his creator. I remember being disappointed that Calvin’s dad, after seeing some of the more bizarre snowmen, thought Calvin should see a psychologist. But it was in keeping with the dad’s character.

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