Cartoonists publish comic cookbook

About 50 cartoonists are featured in a new cookbook entitled, “Webcomics: What’s Cooking“. The book has 47 recipes with accompanying original cartoon art. They’ve posted five sample pages online.

Below is the sample from Dog Eat Doug creator Brian Anderson.

15 thoughts on “Cartoonists publish comic cookbook

  1. I’m sorry, but I find the recipes of print cartoonist’s concoctions to be far tastier than webcartoonists’.

  2. Oh I wish I could have been involved in this project!!! Charmy would have loved to share his recipe for Rum Cake!!! Maybe next year…………….. Just call me. I am in the book…..

  3. @Jim Lavery – Actually Brian Anderson is a published print cartoonist in over 300 newspapers.

    @David Jones – Email me and we can discuss other projects.

  4. Hey, Jim Lavery, the book is not about print vs. webcomics, it’s about we’re raising money for the holidays to support the food banks of the USA and Canada. We’ve done really well so far, and I want the focus to be on that, not which format you prefer.

    So, please help us out, regardless of your personal preferences of format for comics. We’re feeding hungry families here with this project. Thank you!

  5. Been selling these at cons and craft fairs and getting some decent interest… the pitch is easy- “ya like food? ya like comics? ya like giving to charities? Good, buy this.” LOL!

    Seriously, a great idea by Kurt…. glad to be apart of it.

  6. @Dawn Griffin – It’s a great pitch and truly it helps out the hungry in North America.

    @John Hover – Sounds like an interesting comic, I’ll have to check it out. Why not compare recipes with what you have to ours in the cookbook?

    Just have to click on that link:

  7. @Donna Lewis – Actually, no discrimination at all. In fact, it’s so user friendly that family members, friends and even cartoonists can cook with no issues at all.

  8. No way, Kurt Sasso. I know discrimination when I see it. This is a perfect class action….since cartoonists who can’t cook are a protected class.

  9. But, it’s really about the hungry families… won’t somebody please think of the hungry families!

    Oh wait, we are and with your support we can help feed these hungry families.

  10. $@%(!@&%!@(&%@!(%&*@#$%@(#*)(^#$^)!#* EVERY TIME I HAVE AN IDEA IT HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE!!! I have been brewing this idea for 6 months……………..

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