Winsor McCay screens Gertie to fellow cartoonists

Cool video found by Mike Lynch of Winsor McCay screening his first animation “Gertie the Dinosaur” to his fellow cartoonists.

Mike writes:

What was it like when Winsor McCay screened his animated film GERTIE THE DINOSAUR for his New York Tribune cartoonist pals? Allan Holtz shares this article from the February 23, 1914 Tribune. The film had just premiered at Chicago’s Palace Theater a few weeks earlier, on February 8, 1914. The original film consisted of Mr.McCay., live and in person, interacting with the onscreen Gertie. Before the end of the year, William Fox approached McCay to distribute it nationally. The result was the creation of a new live-action set up sequence for the animation.

Here’s the video

Head over to Mike’s blog for part 2 of the video.

One thought on “Winsor McCay screens Gertie to fellow cartoonists

  1. I love this. Winsor McCay is a personal favorite.

    And forever more, any news item on an animated film focused on how many drawings were required to make just a single minute.

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