Santa vs Dracula is fully funded through Kickstarter

Congratulations to Melissa DeJesus and Ed Power of MyCage fame for getting their Santa vs Dracula graphic novel funded through Kickstarter. They raised just over $10,000 of their $9,500 goal with 242 donors.

10 thoughts on “Santa vs Dracula is fully funded through Kickstarter

  1. Thanks Jeff and Lucas.

    I wanted to give a special thanks to those in our fraternity that helped by giving us shout outs:

    Norm Feuti (Retail, Gil)
    Francesco Marciuliano (Sally Forth, Medium Large)
    Scott Kurtz (PvP)
    Brock Heasly (SuperFogeys)
    Oliver Knorzer (Sandra and Woo)
    Dawn Griffen (Zorphbert and Fred)
    Scotty Arsenault (Commander Kitty)
    Wil Panganiban (Frank and Steinway)
    Josh Fruhlinger (Comics Curmudgeon)
    ….and of course Alan Gardner at Daily Cartoonist. πŸ™‚

    See? Syndicated cartoonists, webcartoonists, Comic Sherpans, and bloggers all coming together to help 2 cancelled cartoonists fund a graphic novel. It’s (sniff) beautiful, isn’t it?

    -Ed Power,
    Cage Writer

  2. Glad Santa VS. Dracula is funded via Kickstarter! Now I hope it gets released by Fall 2012, and maybe at the same time My Cage on is relaunched with new episodes focusing on the married and family life of Norm and Bridget.

  3. Oh, and I need to thank Bill Holbrook of ‘Safe Havens’ and Kevin and Kell! I knew I’d forgetten some one. Sorry Bill. πŸ™

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