Comic Riffs taking votes for best comics

Michael Cavna is taking votes for the best Comic Strip Of 2011 and best Webcomic of the Year. Head over to his blog to find his handy email address and send him your votes.

3 thoughts on “Comic Riffs taking votes for best comics

  1. Can you vote for yourself???? lol……. I don’t think even I’D vote for myself……….. lol……… There are SO MANY awesome, untapped talents just sitting in Comics Sherpa.

  2. I am with David. I can spend all night on Sherpa alone and never even make it to the ‘main’ page of Gocomics. I am on there every single night. David, Charmy is one of my favorites. I love that little protANTgonist. Stretch? Yeah, sorry about that one, David.

  3. David and Derrick, my fellow Sherpa comrades, I share your sentiments. I think we have a number of potentially good comics currently running on Sherpa.

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