Cartoon Movement posts more Occupy sketchbooks

Cartoon Movement is publishing another Occupy Wall Street piece of comics journalism. Today’s new offerings come from Sarah Glidden who visited the Occupy Miami protest:

“When we would start talking about OWS, the attitude seemed to be that it’s great that Americans are taking some sort of action against the system we’ve created,” she says. “And then the conversation would inevitably turn towards “so wait, I still don’t understand… why don’t the American people want health care for everyone?” which is always fun to try and explain.”

On the North American leg of her tour, she took time to visit camps in Oakland and Vancouver before heading to Florida. “I was only in Miami for a few days, so it was not enough time to do the reporting necessary for a proper article,” she said. “But I figured that by creating the piece as more of an essay of observations I could show a little bit of the camp’s atmosphere and dynamics.”

Matt Bors, editor of Cartoon Movement, tells me that tomorrow they’ll post work from Dan Carino in LA and Sara Rosenbaum in Boston. Also scheduled (next week) is an international edition from Amsterdam, London, and Athens.