Galifianakis: Richard Thompson is Ronald Searle heir

The Team Cul de Sac has added few more additions to the collection. I think the deadline has officially passed, but Sergio Aragones submits something, I think it’s accepted. Visit the TCdS site to see the Serio addition.

Nick Galifianakis has also donated a drawing along with high praise:

“The Searleing of Richard Thompson,” or, “The Blessing of the Heir” There are very few geniuses in the world. The rest of us can aspire only to recognize one, and I’ve had the rare privilege of doing so in my longtime friend. For 25 years, I have been in Richard Thompson’s studio to witness his evolution, from lavish pencil drawings to rich oil caricatures through to his brilliant comic strip. His depth of talent, diversity of vision and unique interpretation of the world around him are so rare that I can only think of one other artist whom I would equate with Richard — the great Ronald Searle. It’s not my intention to diminish other talented and important cartoonists, though contemporary greats already agree that Thompson’s work merits special distinction. As such my illustration depicts the acknowledgment of his place in the history of what we do: Surrounded by a pantheon of cartoonist gods, Searle blesses his heir. Of course, there are giants of cartooning missing. Where are Rowlandson and Nast? Trudeau, Breathed, Chast or Trondheim? The virtuoso, Chuck Jones? They’re all there, represented by the anonymous cherub clinging to the master’s shoulder. And so the mantle passes from Searle to Thompson… my grandiose tribute to the humblest of men.

Tom Richmond has posted his contribution on his blog as well.

One thought on “Galifianakis: Richard Thompson is Ronald Searle heir

  1. Hi Alan,
    The deadline is officially over for the Team Cul de Sac book. Anyone can still send us art of the auction.
    Serigo Aragones, Tom Richmond and Nick Galifianakis all had spaces that were held from a while ago. With the promise they would contribute.
    Sergio was one of my first contributors to commit to doing art for TCDS. So we are glad to see him in this collection.
    The book is listed for preorder on Amazon

    I will also be taking preorders soon. More on that soon!
    Thanks to everyone for all of the support we have gotten. This book is going to be just stunning,

    Chris Sparks

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