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Cartoonist sues BBC for £2 million

The guardian reports cartoonist Michael Mitchell is suing the BBC after seeing the program Kerwhizz and saw similarities between a proposal package he pitched them in 2007.

Mitchell claims the Kerwhizz character “Ninki” was derived from a combination of his two characters Simrita and Jomo, that “Twist” was copied from his character Charlie and that “Kit” is a version of his character Yana. Outside court he told journalists that he had sent the characters to the BBC directly as a proposal package in October 2007, but had been rejected.

Mitchell is seeking £40,000 a year from the BBC, set against royalties, for the duration of its 50-year copyright.

Community Comments

#1 Jerry Zucker
@ 9:22 am

good luck with that one.

#2 John Platt
@ 7:27 pm

I think I’m the only one who watches Kerwhizz

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