More cartoonists covering the Occupy protests

I’ve mentioned Susie Cagle before regarding her reporting on the Occupy Oakland protests wherein she’s been tear-gassed and arrested while covering the demonstrations. Michael Cavna has a write-up of other cartoonists in other cities are that are reporting on the events through comic journalism. Featured include Susie, Matt Bors and Stephanie McMillan. You can see Stephanie’s 7-page piece, “The Beginning of the American Fall” over at Cartoon Movement.

Matt on visiting the occupy camps:

“Corporate media is met with skepticism by protesters – and with good reason,” Bors tells ‘Riffs. “I’ve found that sitting and talking to people with a sketchbook is a far better way to gain insight than shoving a network camera in their face. That only yields sound bites.

I should also mention an earlier post by Michael about how cartoonists Susie and Nate Beeler are approaching the occupy movement from different perspectives.

Another artist that I’m aware of is Sharon Rozensweig covering the Chicago protests. She’s put together a website called Portraits of the Occupation where she’s assembling a collection of sketches and art created by those involved with the protest movement.