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Profiled: Kate Beaton and her best selling Hark a Vagrant

Hark a Vagrant webcomic creator Kate Beaton is on her book tour promoting her book and as the CTV National News reports her fans were lined up around the block (click through link to watch video).

Her book was also named in Amazon’s Best Comics and Graphic Novels for 2011. And has been on the New York Time Best Seller list for five weeks now.

CBC Books has also profiled her and her comic.

Community Comments

#1 Dave Stephens
@ 12:11 pm

Her drawing ability is off the charts – she has an otherworldly facility with line and tone AND she is consistently hilarious AND she shreds and eviscerates famous novels with the panache of a true literati – in short, she deserves every bit of her success and popularity and I wish her the best! Way to go, Kate!

#2 donna lewis
@ 4:42 pm

Love her work. She’s a cool gal.

#3 Tom Falco
@ 9:44 am

I always feel like I learned something after seeing her work, not about cartooning, but about history, the world, literature, etc.

#4 B Birdashaw
@ 4:52 pm

It’s great to see her become so successful. Her work is astounding.

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