Popeye a step closer to the big screen?

I mentioned last year that Sony Pictures was developing a 3D CG version of Popeye. Maybe “developing” was a bit of a stretch in the original Coming Soon post. Comic book resources has hired the guys (Jay Scherick and David Ronn) behind the recent Smurf movie to write the script.

There’s no release date projected. I’m not even seeing a listing on IMDB.com

2 thoughts on “Popeye a step closer to the big screen?

  1. This makes me uneasy, as the original Thimble Theater strip and the Fleischer cartoons are near and dear to my heart. I’m not going to do any nay-saying, though, until (and if) I see any development stuff. I want it to be good, but we know Hollywood. Anyone connected w/ The Smurfs being involved doesn’t bode well.

  2. Give them a break by assuming they care as much for the characters as do you. That being the case, they will try to stay true to the characters. But of course, you can stay true to the characters and still have a lousy script, like the CG Popeye backed by Howie Mandel a few years ago. Ick. They didn’t even give it a good air time.

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