French satirical paper petrol bombed

Charlie Hebdo, The French satirical magazine, was petro bombed last night. The BBC reports that the offices were destroyed a day after the magazine announced the Prophet Muhammad would be its editor-in-chief in the next issue and ran a caricature of the Prophet. The issue was supposed to celebrate the victory of the recent Tunisian elections.

The edition of the paper published on Wednesday was called Charia Hebdo – a play on the Islamic word sharia.

The cover shows Muhammad saying: “100 lashes if you are not dying of laughter”.

Inside, there is an editorial, attributed to the Prophet Muhammad, and more cartoons – one showing the Prophet with a clown’s red nose.

8 thoughts on “French satirical paper petrol bombed

  1. Unfortunately, this kind of cartoon terrorism works. Would you draw a satirical cartoon of Muhammad? Only if you want to spend your life looking over your shoulder.

  2. Gerry, do you think Christianity is a religion devoted to molesting children? Because that’s what makes the headlines, so that’s what the religion is about, right? Right? Right! That and fighting science. Christianity a religion that just wants to molest children, destroy science instruction and prevent condom use. And dancing. Don’t forget the Christian fatwa against dancing, which all Christians take very, very seriously.

    Charlie Hebdo rolled the dice and lost. I hope they feel it was worth it. But to respond with bigotry reinforces the haters and does nothing to support the vast, vast majority of sensible Muslims who, this morning, are thinking, “Oh, no, not again …”

  3. For such a serious lot, fundamentalists do love reading cartoons, don’t they?
    It takes me aback how some people, would side with such scum, but then again it would seem the one thing religious people of all creeds have in common is a delicate skin, only matched by a lack of total sense.

  4. Peterson: You’re defending an accusation no one’s making. But the spot light in the sky compels you to ride to the rescue to defend a group that didn’t ask for your help. Why? You “feel” they’ve been portrayed unflatteringly. (and the Ft. Hood shooter wasn’t yelling “ALLAH AKBAR” he was yelling “STOP DANCING YOU CRAZY CHRISTIANS!!!”)

    By now I think it’s pretty obvious: The “religion of peace” don’t do PR as Gerry suggested. They do have a pretty clear stance and record re: cartoons of Mohammed.

    I’d be curious to know if you can find ONE Muslim spokesman, organization who has denounced this publicly. Not only can I not find a “sorry” from any make-believe Muslim apologists, I can barely find the story. Too bad we can’t ask the former Moly Norris her opinion.

  5. For Mike Lester:

    Some Muslim organizations did publicly denounce this bombing.

    Tareq Oubrou, head of the Association of Imams of France, also condemned the attack. “This is an inadmissible act,” he told French TV station i>tele.

    “Freedom is very important. It is nonetheless important to underline the sensitivity of the situation we face today.

    “I call on Muslims to treat this lucidly and not succumb to what they consider as provocations regarding their religion … I personally call on Muslims to keep an open mind and not take this too seriously.” (MSNBC 11/2/11)

    See also:

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