John Sherffius retires from editorial cartooning

John Sherffius, the editorial cartoonist for the Boulder Camera, has announced that he’s retiring from editorial cartooning. In an email sent to the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists email list group, he writes:

“I wanted to let you, and the AAEC, know that this will be my last week at the Boulder Camera, as I am retiring from editorial cartooning. I informed my editors and Creators News Service at the beginning of October, but I wanted to wait before letting the AAEC know until the Camera readers were informed today.

“I’ve had a great career in editorial cartooning and I’m very thankful. However, I’ve been in this field since college and I think a change will do me good ? I’m looking forward to pursuing other artistic endeavors.”

7 thoughts on “John Sherffius retires from editorial cartooning

  1. Say it ain’t so my friend!!!

    As someone who worked with John many years ago, I have to say this is sad news. John is such a talented artist and genius really. Even more, he’s a great person. Good luck John and hope all is well with you and the family!

    Tony D.

  2. Congrats John! Talented artist. You made our football tab cover and pages sing back in the day!
    Looking for a children’s book illustrator, if you’re interested.

  3. I trust John’s talent and genius will live on in other art forms, so I’m excited about the new chapter in his life and look forward to seeing his work in a wider arena. I bet a Sherffius-illustrated kids’ book will fly off the shelves šŸ™‚

  4. Best of luck John!

    Perhaps you’ll find a way to drop in and treat your readers and fans with a ‘cameo’ edit cartoon now and then.


  5. John, you are the best! I have saved 25-plus of my favorites of your creative and insightful political cartoons. I miss you already but wish you success in future endeavors.

  6. John, Of all the political cartoonists I’ve followed over the years, you have been my steady favorite. Your bulls-eye messages and your zeroing-in-on-the-core-idea have been so clarifying and reinforcing. You are a creative power. I will miss your commentary through pictures at a time when our country so needs the wisdom you’ve shared with us all. Thanks.

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