Chris Eliopoulos: How to STAY in comics

Misery Loves Sherman creator (and Eisner and Harvey award nominee) Chris Eliopoulos has penned (or typed) a must read for anyone working their way up in the comic industry. The topic – not how to break into comics, but how to stay.

If you’re good enough, you’re not good enough. I hear so many people wanting to be writers or pencilers. And usually, their first remark is, “Well, if that guy can get work, I should. It’s better than theirs.” Wrong. You don’t know why they get work and comparing yourself to the “least talented” person is not where you should be going. You, as a penciler, need to be better than Jim Lee or Greg Capullo or the Kuberts. As a writer, work to achieve to be better than Bendis or Miller or Moore. Strive for that. Make publishers need to have you. Why work to be just good enough?

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