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Syrian cartoonist Ferzat awarded freedom campaign award

Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat, who was kidnapped and his hands beaten by Syrian security forces to intimidate him, was awarded the European parliament’s Sakharov prize which is awarded to campaigners of freedom. Ali dedicated the honor to “martyrs of freedom.”

Ali quoted by The Daily Star:

“I share this award with all who are deprived of freedom and democracy,” said Farzat, who spoke with AFP by telephone from Kuwait, adding that the prize “spreads hope for the future.”

“Freedom is a message that crosses generations. I dedicate this award to all the martyrs who gave their life for freedom and who have learned the culture of liberty,” he added.

“I salute them, as well as those who take to the streets, everywhere in the world, searching for freedom, democracy and dignity,” the cartoonist continued.

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