Two comic panels slated for SXSW

South by South West (SXSW), the media, interactive and music festival in Austin Texas, has announced the panels for this upcoming conference and includes two panels.

The first is entitled “How Comics Journalism is Saving Your Media” and will feature two comic journalists Matt Bors and Susie Cagle along with Sarah Jaffe and Erin Polgreen. Here is the panel description:

While traditional journalism struggles to find its footing, comics journalism is inherently stylish, uniquely suited to sharing via social media, and popular as hell. During this panel, we’ll share findings gleaned from editors, journalists and artists who have stretched the limits of comics to tell complicated stories in a variety of formats, from traditional paneled storytelling to interactive web pieces. We?ll also discuss how this creative nonfiction can impact public policy and reach a broader audience.

The second panel is entitled “Reinventing the Graphic Novel for the iPad” and features Cognito Comics’ Daniel Burwen.

In this panel, audience members will get a guided tour of the process involved in developing Operation Ajax, showing just how vast the opportunities are when you use a realtime 3D game engine to build an interactive graphic novel from the ground up for the tablet. While the sky is the limit, there are certainly some obstacles to overcome. For one, the mobile space is not treated like a high value entertainment space like the living room.