Mark Fiore mentioned in Steve Jobs’ biography

I haven’t received my copy yet, but according to The Guardian, the Steve Jobs biography mentions specifically Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Fiore and the embarrassing episode for Apple after Mark had won the Pulitzer and the public learned Apple had previously barred Mark’s cartoon app from their App Store because it criticized public figures. After Mark won the Pulitzer, Apple rewrote their policy to allow for satire and Mark’s app was approved.

From The Guardian:

Later in the book, Isaacson explains that Jobs was well aware of the controversies around certain apps being rejected from Apple’s store, including the satirical app by political cartoonist Mark Fiore, which was later resubmitted and approved in its original form.

Isaacson claims that Jobs called New York Times columnist Tom Friedman to ask him to head an advisory group to draw up guidelines on censorship, but that Friedman’s publisher decided this would be a conflict of interest.