Miami Herald drops 3, adds 7 comics

The Miami Herald has bucked the trend of cutting comics and has added four additional comics to their line-up. In all seven new strips were added. Three comics (For Better or For Worse, Barney and Clyde, and Shortcuts) were dropped. The new features starting in both the daily and Sunday pages include: Cul-de-Sac and The Argyle Sweater. Added to the daily comics are: Get Fuzzy, Luann, Rhymes With Orange, Dustin, and Deflocked.

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  1. “Added to the daily comics are: Get Fuzzy, Luann, Rhymes With Orange, Dustin, and Defrocked.”

    I assume you meant added to the Sunday comics?

  2. BTW “Barney And Clyde” is still in the Herald’s Sunday paper. It is no longer running Monday-Saturday.

  3. So, Miami loses the For Better or For Worse strip 3 years after it went to new-run and re-run mode.

    Does the Miami Herald still carry Garfield and/or Classic Peanuts?

  4. The Herald still runs “Garfield” and “Peanuts”. Interestingly the Herald dropped “Blondie” from their daily pages (it still runs on Sundays).

  5. I meant to say the Herald dropped “Blondie” from their daily pages in 2007 but it still runs on Sundays.

  6. Here’s a rundown of the comics that ran in the Herald before and after recent changes

    Page 1 – Classic Peanuts, Zits, Dilbert, Doonesbury, Pearls Before Swine, Garfield (vertical format)
    2 – Wizard Of Id, Hagar The Horrible, The Flying McCoys, Dennis The Menace, Bizarro, Blondie, Puzzle Answers (vertical)
    3 – Beetle Bailey, Marmaduke, Reality Check, Barney & Clyde, For Better Or For Worse
    4 – The Family Circus, Pickles, Shortcuts, Close To Home, Jump Start
    5 – Rose Is Rose, Fox Trot, Baldo, Baby Blues, Curtis, Non Sequitur
    6 – Crossword, Dear Abby, Sudoku, Word Game, Jumble, Quote Acrostic

    Page 1 – same as before
    2 – Dennis The Menace (vertical), Hagar The Horrible, Marmaduke, The Flying McCoys, Bizarro, Luann, Puzzle Answers
    3 – Barney & Clyde, Blondie (vertical), Beetle Bailey, Wizard Of Id, Reality Check, Rhymes With Orange
    4 – Deflocked, The Argyle Sweater, Cul De Sac, Get Fuzzy, Close To Home, Pickles (vertical), Jump Start
    5 – Rose Is Rose, Fox Trot, Baldo, Baby Blues, The Family Circus, Non Sequitur, Curtis
    6 – same as before

    Daily comics (before & after)
    First part of page
    The Flying McCoys
    Close To Home
    The Family Circus
    The Lockhorns
    For Better Or For Worse (replaced by “Cul De Sac”)
    Baby Blues
    Jump Start
    Second part of page
    Barney & Clyde (replaced by “Non Sequitur”)
    Classic Peanuts
    Non Sequitur (replaced by “The Argyle Sweater”)

  7. The Miami Herald has never had a decent comics section. I’ve been reading it since I was a child, I would often get the Homestead News Leader or the Sun-Sentinel or even the Hollywood Sun-Tattler when a kid, just to read some decent comics.

    They were all daily newspapers in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area when I was growing up.

    I would also get the Miami News and enjoyed their comics section. I never cared for the fact that the Ft. Lauderdale News ran the same comics section as the Sun-Sentinel, I felt cheated because they did that. They had a joint operating agreement, but so did the Miami Herald and the Miami News, yet they had different comics sections daily and Sunday.

  8. TOM: Ever gotten other Florida newspapers like Palm Beach Post, Lakeland Ledger, Tampa Tribune, St. Petersburg Times, and/or Orlando Senetel?

  9. Also, are the Classic Peanuts strips in the Miami Herald daily comics 1964 strips or 1998 strips (1964 strips run Sundays)?

  10. My newspaper, the St. Petersburg Times, still runs Classic Peanuts. Among the other newspapers Darryl listed, so does the Orlando Sentinel. The Times runs the 1998 daily strips, the Sentinel and the Herald run the 1964 strips. The Tampa Tribune, Lakeland Ledger and Florida Times-Union are newspapers I know that did away with Peanuts. The Gainesville Sun dropped Peanuts from their daily paper but it still runs on Sundays. I believe the Palm Beach Post did the same at last check (only running Peanuts on Sundays).

  11. Idon’t understand. The two comics I vote to emliminate are
    1. The Ninette
    2. Judge Parker

  12. Excuse me but when did the Miami Herald run “Dinette Set” or “Judge Parker”? Recently for the latter?

  13. My loosers that should be dropped are DILBERT,THEOTHERCOAST,&BORNLOOSER Keep the comics that have a story to follow along with good senior humor. JudgeParker,Pickles,andDinetteSet fit in that category. I have enjoyed reading the comics on a regular daily routine in my day.


    I wonder if the SUNDAY FUNNIES have been discontinued and if so… WHY AND SINCE WHEN…

    I miss them!

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