Pooch Cafe moves closer to big screen

I reported a couple of years ago that Paul Gilligan’s Pooch Cafe had been optioned for a movie by Sony Pictures. The movie has now taken one step close with the hire of Kelly Asbury to write the adaptation. Kelly was the director and co-writer of Gnomeo and Juliet.

6 thoughts on “Pooch Cafe moves closer to big screen

  1. This is one that I think would look really good as a CG animated film. Mutts, which apparently has also been optioned for a movie, would not, but I think Pooch Cafe could look cool. I’ll see it.

  2. I couldn’t see (or should I say hear) anyone but the actor playing Poncho on the Ringtails podcasts in the film. He does a great voice that closely matched the one I heard in my head when reading Pooch Cafe.

  3. “Adaptation”?” Oh no…

    Paul had to fight to write the screenplay, despite having a screenwriting qualification and having written the comic strip for donkeys years…

    I hope they don’t ruin it….

  4. Of course they’ll ruin it. They’re Hollywood!

    The question is, will Paul keep his head down and not let the depiction in the movie creep into the strip? I’d say “cash the checks, man, but don’t watch the movie even once.”

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