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Checkout: Cory Pandolph’s cartoon in New Yorker

Cory Pandolph, cartoonist for The Elderberries and creator of Bark Eater Lake and Toby, Robot Satan, sold a cartoon to The New Yorker back in June. The cartoon was published in this week’s edition. You can see the cartoon on The New Yorker’s website.

Community Comments

#1 Kelly McNutt
@ 9:55 am

That’s great, Cory! Groovy thing to have scratched off your list.

#2 Vince
@ 10:07 am

Fantastic! Way to go Cory!

#3 Daniel Boris
@ 11:51 am

Haha! Nice. Congrats, Cory.

#4 Anton Emdin
@ 2:09 pm

Ha! Great gag.

#5 Michael Cavna
@ 3:39 pm

Funny because it’s true (first time I can recall this happening is when a Colo. newspaper tried to tweet a funeral in 2008):

#6 R Pyle
@ 9:09 am

Cory’s still alive? Awesome.

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