PhD webcomic movie hitting campuses nationwide

A movie based on the popular webcomic PhD has been made and is being screened at university campuses across North America this fall. Jorge Cham, PhD creator worked with the Theater Arts at Caltech to make the movie.

The project is unique in that it was produced entirely by members of the Caltech community, with actual Caltech grad students filling many of the top roles. Directed by Vahe Gabuchian, who is studying for his PhD in aeronautics, the film was produced by Meg Rosenburg, a PhD student in planetary sciences who recently was lead author on a Journal of Geophysical Research paper regarding lunar topography. The director of photography was Lucie Adalid, who is the wife of a postdoc and had experience as a cinematographer in France. Much of the score as well as the movie’s original songs were written and performed by Caltech-affiliated composers and bands.