Profiled: Tom Wilson Jr. on his father and Ziggy

Michael Cavna talks with Tom Wilson Jr. about his father who recently passed away and of course Ziggy.

“When I was young, we would go to Bob’s Big Boy restaurants on Saturdays for breakfast,” the younger Wilson tells Comic Riffs of their Cleveland-area outings. “Dad would turn over their placemats and draw Ziggy about ready to fall in a manhole, a safe would be falling toward him, and then Dad would say: ‘I want you to save Ziggy.’ I would have to draw a contraption so Ziggy would avoid this horrible thing.”

The soft-hearted father knew not only how to engage his son, but also how to teach him craft.

One thought on “Profiled: Tom Wilson Jr. on his father and Ziggy

  1. Interesting that his dad wanted “the force of maintaining an identifiable character had to be foremost, over humor or topic or trend.” The comic had some very clever and humorous writing perfectly in keeping with the character and it would seem hard to put one over the other.

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