Las Vegas Sun hires Mike Smith as contract employee

Mike Smith tells me that he’s been rehired as a contract employee at the Las Vegas Sun. Last week he was one of 12 individuals let go from the paper in a cost reduction effort. He’s been their editorial cartoonist since 1983.

10 thoughts on “Las Vegas Sun hires Mike Smith as contract employee


    Sounds decadent.


    Perhaps you meant “contract” not “contact”? Fix the typo in the title, please… Thanks!

  2. Now… after or before producing a cartoon for the LV Sun, Mike has to go out and find an additional source of income so he can subsidize his old employer….all while giving their readers the impression that everything is hunky-dory.
    Not only will he be probably be making less money….he’ll also be having to spend more $$$ for his own health insurance.

  3. Yeah, I was sort of thinking the same thing when I wrote my comment. But hopefully he got a company car and a fat raise instead. Also a personal assistant.

    And a jet.


  4. An award winning cartoonist has to wheel and deal to become a stringer for the same paper he used to work for. Same job, less pay, and no benefits. It seems like being an editorial cartoonist is a little like having a window seat on the Hindenburg.

  5. I wish Mike luck. I went down the road Mike’s on a year ago. It has tripled my workload and been stressful as hell. But it has also been a blessing. I’m trying new things and discovering talents I didn’t have know I had. And I’m doing fine financially.

    I still think the Sun made a bad business decision. But if Mike plays this right, they’ll be the only ones to suffer in the long run.

  6. Bad Sun decision….????

    Let’s see…. same national cartoons by the same cartoonist at less cost in addition no longer having to worry about his local provocative cartoons upsetting any of our buddies.

    This stated without any inside knowledge of Mike’s situation or work agreement.

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