CDC to fight HIV with digital comic books

Politico reports that the Centers for Disease Control has contracted with a comic book publisher to create digital motion comics for digital devices such as smartphonnes, iPads and Xbox 360s, etc. to build an awareness and educational HIV program targeted at 15 to 24 year-olds.

The early success of the still-evolving motion comic animation field, which mixes the tenants of traditional comic books with voice-overs, sound effects and musical scores, has been largely fueled by the Internet and mobile devices. In recent years, major movie studios have adapted box-office smashes like “Watchmen,” Batman and “Tron” into motion comics sold on iTunes to reach a broader audience.

And the CDC has taken notice.

The agency specifically requested the motion comics for the HIV campaign be designed for viewing on just about any device that plugs into a broadband network, from smartphones and laptops to video game consoles and tablets.