Wacom announces 24 inch HD Cintiq

Lots of cartoonists are going digital due to its speed. Wacom has announced they’re going to sell a 24″ HD Cintiq.

From Macworld:

While the 24HD features the same 2048 levels of pressure-sensitive pen-and-screen technology you know and love from the Cintiq 21UX, it takes design cues more from a desktop easel than a traditional monitor, providing a wider range of use for the broader creative professional market: The company is attempting to expand beyond the Cintiq’s typical illustration/animation market and target non-linear editors, compositors, game developers, and more.

The unit-which weighs a whopping 63.8 pounds (or 29 kilograms, for our metrically-inclined friends)-features a counter-weighted stand and controls for adjusting height and incline, allowing users to work both vertically and, if they so choose, orient the monitor so that it hangs over the desk at an angle for easel sketchwork. (Wacom also notes that you can even adjust the monitor upward slightly, in case you want to use it vertically with a keyboard.)

It ships in October for a mere $2499.

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