Mark Anderson joins GoComics

Great news for fans of Mark Anderson. Mark has announced that as of today his panel cartoons are now featured on GoComics.

In making the announcement, Mark quotes Universal Uclick comics editor John Glynn:

“We’re delighted to have Andertoons join the GoComics family. Years ago, and for motives that still remain unclear, I happened to be wearing an oversized sombrero with a brim made of sharpened steel. Luckily I took it off just before I saw Mark’s work for the first time, which was fortunate for the other patrons of Sammy Jo’s Internet Café in Effingham, Illinois, because that darn hat would have flown off my head in a hurry (and may have hurt someone) due to the fact I was so taken with his work. That dangerous chapeau was confiscated a long while ago by the overzealous folks at the ATF, but Mark’s refreshing and funny comics are still around. And now I’m recommending to everyone to enjoy the unique look and superb comedic timing of this 21st Century humor-monger on GoComics.”

Congrats to Mark.

18 thoughts on “Mark Anderson joins GoComics

  1. Oh yeah, well I have been invited to be on ComicsSherpa and all it cost me was $100/yr. So there. What, that deal is for anyone?

    Oh, big congrats Mark!! Great job.

  2. Mark –
    A big congrats to you. You KNOW I’m a big fan and like your original style . . That’s why I have one of your originals ! All the best.
    Your partner in crime,
    Roy Delgado

  3. Mark! Congratulations on being picked up on “Go-Comics”! I’ll read you right after Dick Tracy!

  4. C’MON PEOPLE….WISE UP!!! Doesn’t ANYONE (including John Glynn) realize that Anderson is USING gag writers (despite Anderson’s denial of using gag writers)? His stuff is just a rehash of the same old tired gags from the same old senile gag writers that have been around for years! On top of that…the guy CAN’T DRAW & it amuses me that all of the other tooners suck up to Anderson like he’s some sort of god! The gut CAN’T EVEN draw a whole figure without a bunch of broken lines! Can’t anyone muster some guts to tell it like it is…how pathetic Anderson’s work really is? C’mon cartoonists…get a BACKBONE! This guy ruins the integrity of this great art form for all of us!!!

  5. LMAO!! Anderson draws just fine – he’s no Bill Watterson, but so what? And broken lines are a common style choice, nothing wrong with that at all… I think the backbone that YOU have grown is cutting off some circulation, dude… Oh, and I just purchased that joke from a gag writer, how ’bout that? (insert winky emoticon)

  6. I’ve always loved his designs (and the gags). I think it’s a perfect example of a unique, iconic style that looks great. You don’t have to render everything to look like an animation cell.

  7. I googled “James Martin cartoonist cartoons” and didn’t see a link to any government agency in charge of cartooning, cartoon czar or medical degrees in “backbone”. I am guessing he composts and hates people who don’t.

  8. Congrats Mark! I wasn’t very familiar with your strip, but now I will check it out for sure! Anyone can criticize a strip, but the one thing I’ve learned as an aspiring cartoonist is that discovering new strips is strictly in the eye of the beholder. It’s impossible for every single person to be in a consensus about every strip.

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