Success in Comics Seminar adds payment options

Bill Kellogg, Tundra marketing guru and Success in Comics Seminar organizer, tells me he’s had several requests from attendee hopefuls that an installment option be made available instead of coming up with the whole $375 at one time. He’s set up a PayPal six month installment plan (we’re six month attendees away from the event) of $62.50/ month. There’s also an installment option for past attendees who qualify for the reduced rate.

And because Bill is a pretty sharp thinker, the installment plan will be updated each month to reflect the number of months left e.g. October begins a 5 month plan with a $75/month option, etc.

Check out the info site they’ve put up with all the details of the seminar and the payment options. Space is limited. If you have specific questions not answered on the site, email Bill.

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