Hands upsets reader with Governor, Hitler reference

Phil Hands, editorial cartoonist for the Wisconsin State Journal, took a bit of heat in an editorial written in the Capital Times that took issue with his reference to Hitler in a recent cartoon. The cartoon sports the governor talking about creating jobs and a hippy looking gentleman carrying a “Recall Walker” sign stating, “Ya know, Hitler created jobs in Nazi Germany.” The editorial objected that the sign “Recall Walker” could represent anyone opposing Governor Walker not just a liberal group opposing Nazis in Milwaukee (I know, it’s a bit confusing).

The editorial writes that once Hitler enters the rhetoric, the dialog is lost.

From the Capitol Times editorial:

In defending his crude cartoon, Hands wrote: “The sure sign that you’ve lost your argument is when you start comparing your political adversaries to Adolf Hitler.”

Perhaps. But the equally sure sign that a cartoonist has lost his punch is when he attacks those who challenge power while defending the powerful.

2 thoughts on “Hands upsets reader with Governor, Hitler reference

  1. Sigh. That was a damn good piece of commentary, whether I agreed with it or not.

    I’m just remembering the days when most cities had one voice that would take on the other voice with this kind of smashmouth opinionating.

    Even in the towns with more than one media outlet, we’re too corporate and civilized to hold each other accountable these days. My gawd, it would be so awkward at the next Chamber function!

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