Skottie Young, Scott Morse launch new webcomic

Skottie Young and Scott Morse (AKA SkottieScott) have launched new bi-weekly webcomic…. with a yet to be decided title. From the announcement on their blog:

We’ve decided to make a departure here at SkottieScott from the re-imagined character designs you’ve come to know and love. Instead, we’re opting to CREATE. We’re opting to OWN. We’re opting to contribute to the entertainment spectrum with something original and hopefully a load of fun for everyone. It is for us, anyhow.

Periodically you’ll find accompanying anecdotes about the creation of the story and characters, but mostly you’ll find the story pages themselves. We’re creating these one page at a time with no outline to work from: we’re shooting from the hip. This could backfire and destroy comics and the internet itself… or succeed and make the internet a better place and comics the medium of choice for storytellers. Or at the very least make you smile twice weekly.

Look for Scott’s work on Mondays and Skottie on Friday.

Scott is a character designer, comic book artist and graphic novelist. His novel Soulwind was nominated for both an Eisner and Ignatz award. Skottie is a comic book artist for Marvel. He illustrated their Eisner Award winning series The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

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