Success in Comics Seminar II set for February

After much talk and rumors, Bill Kellogg and Chad Carpenter are announcing they will again hold their “Success in the World of Comics Seminar” this February 25-26 in Las Vegas, NV. Bill has a great line-up which include:

  • Chad Carpenter, Tundra and Bill Kellogg, founder of Ink Bottle Syndicate and marketing genius behind Tundra.
  • Tom Gammill, The Doozies and Mell Lazarus Miss Peach and Momma
  • Jack Newcombe, President and COO of Creators Syndicate
  • Adrian Raeside, The Other Coast
  • Mark Parisi and Lynn Reznick, off the mark
  • John Read, Publisher of “Stay Tooned!”
  • Mason Mastroianni, BC
  • Danielle Corsetto, Girls With Slingshots
  • Debbra Abeyta – Vice-president of Western Color Print

You may note I’m listed as a special guest but luckily for you all, not as a speaker. 🙂

The first seminar (two years ago?) was highly informative and I believe most attendees would agree it was well worth the time and effort to network and learn from those who had proven themselves successful as a cartoonist. Bill has extended a special price for repeat attendees. Contact Bill at if you fall into that category.

Space is limited. Head over to the registration site for more details and to sign up. Cost is $375 for the two days and includes the complimentary beer, wine, sodas and snacks in the hospitality suite.

11 thoughts on “Success in Comics Seminar II set for February

  1. Man, that is a bargain!!! Plus, I can put away enough complimentary drinks to even things out. I guess it comes down to what brand of beer we are talking about. Are we talking a good brand name or are we looking at something like Schaffer?

    I was hitting one goal after another until May of this year. Since May my efforts have just hit a brickwall. Either my work stinks now or my marketing stinks. I am hoping it is my marketing.

    Price sounds great and the lineup is great… Vegas sounds kick @$$! I’ll see if I can get me some cash saved up… not for the airfare of course… but for the gambling!!!! Man, I would love to do me some crap shooting. I can’t say kick @$$ but I can say crap… right?

    Seriously, this is really cool. I can’t wait to hear more details.

  2. The first seminar was great and I’m really looking forward to this one. Where else can you mingle with such great cartoonists and industry people? I’m still working on it, but that’s what it’s about. Plus it’s in Vegas!

  3. Man, I was talking all day about this and even arranged a place to stay when I drive up there. But I just noticed the price. Can’t een come close to affording that. Darn… walking away pouting. Oh well, all better now. Have fun everyone who can attend.


    I has to tell ya… this is so worth the money! At the last seminar, I learned so much about the cartoon industry, I met other tooners from all over the country, and I got tips from more established cartoonists which helped me in getting into my first newspaper and publishing my first book. So take it from Dale & I… it’s worth the investment. Besides… it was fun to make new pals… and then partying with’em. (Hi, Brian & Dale!)

  5. Hmmm…I wonder if some UK/European cartoonists could be persuaded into doing something like this for those of us on the wrong side of the pond.

  6. @ Terry. Tom Gammill, writer & producer for The Simpsons, Futurama, The Critic, Seinfield, plus at least seven other TV shows. Actor, Learn to Draw series on YouTube, NCS member and host of the Reuben Awards. I would think he probably has some pretty good insight into animation, writing, cartooning, etc.

  7. Hi Gar, why not attend? I’m thinking of flying in from Belgium if I can get the days of from my editorial cartooning at the newspaper I work at.

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