The Complete Pogo is finally on the press

The long overdue Pogo: The Complete Daily & Sunday Comic Strips is now at the printers according to The Beat

Each volume contains two years of Walt Kelly’s magnum opus. Since the first year started in mid-year, there’s room in the book to also include the pre-syndication Pogo strips he did for The New York Star, a short-lived newspaper for which he worked. This gives you the chance to observe from Day One and watch as it develops steadfastly from a darn good newspaper strip to something a lot better than just “darn good.” Working on this collection, that was my constant thought: “Gee, it just gets better and better, doesn’t it?”

8 thoughts on “The Complete Pogo is finally on the press

  1. Finally, an end to the years of having to be satisfied with a very used “Ten Ever-Loving Blue-Eyed Years With Pogo” book and copies of banged-up odds and ends of Pogo material from the library (which could not be checked out). It could only get better!

  2. I hope to buy some copies online or at the bookstore. To date, I’ve been buying second hand collections from the 1950s and 1980s (when Pogo became a cult comic strip–remember Phi Beta Pogo anyone?). These should be interesting.

  3. I remember the 1989-1993 ill fated Pogo revival, first by Neal Sternecky and later by Walt Kelly’s children (Peter and Carolyn).

  4. I’ve had this on pre-order from Amazon since October 2007. I’ll miss my bi-annual notices of the shipping date slipping and if I still want it.

  5. Fantagraphics keeps winning. I have a volume of their old Pogo dailies collection. Given their work with Krazy Kat, Thimble Theatre and Peanuts, I anticipate big things with this new generation Pogo.

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