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The movie Jaws if it was created in the style of Peanuts

Interesting post over at Comics Alliance.

Charles Forsman got our attention last fall when he imagined Raiders of the Lost Ark in the style of Popeye, but the Snake Oil creator’s latest movie/comic strip remix casting Charles Schulz’s Peanuts gang in Steven Spielberg’s Jaws might be even more endearing. Though he’s a fan of the Jaws novel at heart, Forsman illustrated movie scenes for fan familiarity. All seven strips depicting key moments from the film have been collected on an 11×17 print that fans can pick up for $20 at his online store. Read all seven scenes after the jump.

Community Comments

#1 Jeff Pert
@ 8:34 am

I caught this on The Beat earlier this week and have already ordered my print. I think it’s brilliant.

#2 Tom Falco
@ 9:37 am

Even the lettering is exactly the same as Peanuts.

#3 C. Hart
@ 9:50 am

Again, I must ask what Charles Schulz would think of this. Is Forsman really using the “cast” of Peanuts? Would the cast speak with expletives?

#4 Jeff Pert
@ 1:40 pm

Respectfully, I don’t see the point of asking if the cast would speak w/ expletives. The source material is “JAWS”, not “Peanuts”. Schulz’s characters have been placed in the context of Benchly/Spielberg’s world, who do speak in expletives.

#5 Darryl Heine
@ 2:25 pm

Next we could see:
Blondie Star Wars style
Garfield Avatar style
Family Circus Harry Potter style
…anything else?

#6 b.j. Dewey
@ 7:32 pm


Actually, those are great ideas and I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody didn’t pick up on them.

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