Lisa Benson responds to “racist” redistricting cartoon

Syndicated editorial cartoonist Lisa Benson has responded to complaints that a recent cartoon of hers depicting how California is being redistricted is racist.

My intent was to show how the redistricting commission set out to draw boundaries which didn’t pander to party affiliation, but ended up giving special consideration to “communities of interest” and protecting seats held by minority politicians. Here in my community, I don’t believe my African American neighbors care about our representatives’ race, nor do I. We send our kids to the same schools, shop at the same malls, enjoy the same recreation activities, and we vote for the best candidate to preserve that quality of life. It seems to me that the “special interests” in California are steering our policy … not popular opinion.

4 thoughts on “Lisa Benson responds to “racist” redistricting cartoon

  1. It’s funny. A small chuckle. Next one will be cars and freeways from all directions leading to Sacramento. Emeryville is already represented w McQueen of course. San Ysidro? A van w/o windows? Pasadena? Floral.. It’s a comic page made to make you chuckle. Even Lopez had to find humor in it!

  2. Lisa Benson is obviously a global warming denying, racist, terrorist, who should be censored.

    (for those keeping score that was the Grand Slam: Al Gore, Harry Reid, Joe Biden and John Kerry.)

    Stone her.

  3. Lisa, didn’t you know that if you have African American friends you’re never supposed to say so!?!? You just won a one way ticket to a reeducation kamp (for your own good of course).

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