Profiled: Stacy Curtis does screen, poster printing too

Interesting piece over on Nuvo about former editorial cartoonist and now illustrator Stacy Curtis and friend Dave Windisch who have been doing screen printing and posters printing under the business name Mile 44 since 2004 for indie bands.

Mile 44, as the duo is known, began printing in Chicago in 2004. After learning the craft from Steve Walters at the Screwball Press Academy, Windisch and Curtis picked up steam doing jobs for Lollapalooza and local bands like Favorite Saints. They designed a poster for OK Go the week that the band’s treadmill video for “Here It Goes Again” made them superstars on YouTube.

After Windisch moved to Bargersville in 2007, new doors began to open for the duo. Rather than having to compete with the densely-populated Chicago screen-printing scene, Windisch and Curtis found themselves able to fill a nearly-vacant niche in the Indy area, churning out projects for shows organized by My Old Kentucky Blog and Bloomington’s Spirit of 68.

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