Boston Globe features 5 professional webcomickers

Profiled over at the Boston Globe are KC Green, Andrew Hussie, Jeffrey Rowland, Jeph Jacques, and Richard Stevens who have all gone professional with their webcomics.

Webcomics were once seen as a new path to syndication. Comic artists would post their work online, hoping to attract a large enough fan base that syndicates would take notice, offer them contracts, sell their comics to newspapers, and give them a cut of the profits. But for Jacques and many other webcomic artists, syndication is out of the picture.

Good to see main stream media recognizing some of those making their money exclusively off of webcomics.

13 thoughts on “Boston Globe features 5 professional webcomickers

  1. I love seeing these web guys succeeding. Gives me hope. One day the article will be about me, Rocky Sawyer, Danny Boris, Jeremy Billadeau, and Brian Martin. Go look those guys up. Their strips are INCREDIBLE!!!

  2. Hello, first post on this site. I am with David. I am inspired by this. As a new comer to the game these are the kind of things that keep me going. I started my own daily comic (7 days a week) in June and my brain just hasn’t shut off. I stink at drawing but I see that improving already. How amazing would it to be to wake up in the morning, kiss my wife and son, then “go to work” AKA our large closet where all of my cartooning equipment is. Man, I have goosebumps just thinking about that! Making people laugh is all I’ve ever wanted to do. I’m in my 30’s now and have decided that I shall put it off no longer! Wish me luck and the same to all of you.

  3. Good luck Derrick, but I am not fully with you. I ain’t quitting my day job. I am inspired by the news… but I ain’t insane! lol……

    I do not intend to make a killing off a web strip. Oh no. I just hope my work on the web leads to either syndication of a Charmy’s Army show on FOX… again, lol… like that’ll ever happen.

    For me, making people laugh is what i is all about. If I get some money out of my labor one day, AWESOME! If not, oh well…. As long as I get feed back from someone every once in a while stating that that nearing choked on their coffee reading my latest strip, then I am happy… unless the choking lead to a nasty near death crisis of course.

  4. Oh no, David, I’m with you on that too! I do not want to do a webcomic forever. I’d love syndication (but I echo your ‘like that’ll ever happen’) but the most important thing for me is making people laugh. As long as there is some feed back and I get a couple new people reading every once in a while that is enough for me. I do confess to fantasies of getting a lot more than that though…. I like my job but I would LOVE to do this instead.

  5. It’s interesting to see these guys just farting around and kind of falling into their success at web comicdom. I thought I was doing something wrong by farting around lately… Thanks for the excessively kind words, David.

  6. The internet has put most businesses on a level playing field now. It’s just a matter of making use of the technology and publishing daily. I think the latest survey said that 68% of comics readers read the comics online daily, rather than in the printed newspapers. So webcomics is where it’s at.

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