Another Gammill Learn to Draw featuring Cathy Guisewite

Tom Gammill, creator of The Doozies and winner of seven golden Doozie posts another Learn to Draw video this time with Cathy creator Cathy Guisewite. The two embark on a visit to the Ernie Bushmiller Museum.

Cathy’s line about the pioneering cartooning sweat drops of Bushmiller is awesome.

6 thoughts on “Another Gammill Learn to Draw featuring Cathy Guisewite

  1. I also loved the meditation garden of Three Rocks, and the sightline gag.

    Better production values than usual! That was a genuinely nice collection of Nancy stuff (couldn’t tell on the video if the art was real but it looked like it, and someone put in the effort to collect the books, boardgames and such). Did Tom invade the home of an actual Nancy fan?

  2. This one wasn’t slapstick like at Mel’s place or even surreal (a slight disappointment). Tom didn’t even knock off Cathy’s hat.

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