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Ginger Meggs commemorates 90th anniversary with new Australian coin

Australia’s longest-running comic strip, Ginger Meggs, will be commermorating its 90th anniversary this November with a new silver Australian coin that features Ginger Meggs one side and Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse of the coin. The coin is 1oz pure silver. Jason Chatfield is the current and fifth cartoonist to work on the feature which first hit papers in 1921 and appears on 34 countries today.

They are only minting 3,000 of the coins and cost $115 each. The coin is legal tender.

Community Comments

#1 Phil Judd
@ 12:50 pm

Brilliant stuff Ginger…oh yes and his helper Jason…I know Jason has spent months working over the fire forging these coins…lots of blisters, heat stroke and love went into these beauties…

#2 Darryl Heine
@ 1:58 pm

Gasoline Alley and the Katzenjammer Kids are older than Ginger Meggs!

You can read Ginger Meggs daily on

#3 Jason Chatfield
@ 12:00 am

@Darryl Heine
“Gasoline Alley and the Katzenjammer Kids are older than Ginger Meggs!”

It says “Australia?s longest-running comic strip”.

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