Interviewed: Jim Hunt living as a freelancer

The Patriot Ledger has a profile/interview of freelance cartoonist Jim Hunt who despite having big name clients like NASCAR, Fox Sports, HBO, MSNBC and NASA still hustles each week for new work often using Craigslist.

As a freelance cartoonist, I don?t wake up with a paycheck … so I approach every week as if I didn?t have any projects. That keeps you motivated. I do have some regular gigs, but work is still pretty unpredictable … so I always make sure I?m putting my work in front of people at any time, and that?s easier to do with the Web. I stay in touch with art directors, ad agencies, so they have me in mind.

Three times a week, I look through craigslist for major cities. I?ve gotten some good jobs there. I turned out doing my work for Fox Sports through a listing on the Los Angeles craigslist.

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