Cul de Sac replaces Chickweed Lane in The Herald

Newspaper tend to run polls when replacing comics. The more vocal newspaper editor critics opine that editors should grow a spine and pick the comics themselves. It appears that the editors at The Herald did just that. They picked up Cul de Sac to replacd 9 Chickweed Lane. While I have no strong feelings for their selections (to each his/her own I say), I did like the moxy in their tone.

A team of three Herald employees, each whose ink-stained fingers as children marked them as comics fans, chose “Cul de Sac” to join our comics page, although The Buzz has agreed to take the brunt of whatever criticism results.

For those fans of “Chickweed Lane,” both of you, I sympathize. But something had to go, and there’s only so many times you can look at a comic about a cat stretching itself on top of a piano.

Oh, and one more thing: “Rip Haywire,” don’t get comfortable. You could be next.

10 thoughts on “Cul de Sac replaces Chickweed Lane in The Herald

  1. Yeesh! That REALLY hurts my feelings. Did I mention I have a Rip Haywire Graphic Novel coming out with IDW publishing? *cough* plug *cough*

  2. Don’t worry Dan, you are a very talented artist and comic writer. I’m an aspiring cartoonist and I remember reading the press release when “Rip Haywire” was launched and just remembering how impressed I was with your artwork and storylines. Keep up the good work!

  3. A long time ago (in a nation far far away) I used to work for one of the key Newhouse Newspapers up in central NY (The Syracuse Herald Journal/Post Standard/Herald American). The publisher at that time had just taken over from his father, and young Steve was by far, more accessible to those of us grunts on both paper’s editorial and the combined advertising staff. Not long after his ascension, There came a time when, under his regime- and trying to counter the appearance of USA Today- the papers ran a ?poll? on editorial, features, and advertising contend professionally done by Belden (if I recall the name correctly) company- in other words, an outside polling company- not an internal one.

    Shortly thereafter, I ran into Mr. Young Steve and a conversation ensued in which he expressed some amazement at the poll’s results. The thing that amazed him that I remember with clarity to this day was the very noticeable lack of response about the comics page in both the evening and morning paper. Now, the evening tended towards the established comics, the morning towards the newer and more edgy ones (although the evening at that time ran Bloom County which was quite edgy for that more-or-even more staunchly muddle-of-the-road paper) and it was anticipated that some distinct lines and preferences would emerge. None did- in fact, it was the least responded to section of the surveys.

    Thus, in the end as I learned , later, the poll mattered not a whit as to the comic’s chosen- ?they will read what we give them,? was the battlecry. They choose the strips based on allegiances formed at the corporate level, cost, and the personal preferences of the editors and publishers.

    Sometimes polls just don’t matter.

  4. I wish The Herald writer had said more about Cul de Sac and its very special characters. It’s another family strip, yes, but it’s better for a host of reasons, as was C&H. Also would like to have known why those who chose it did so. Oh well… at least it was chosen.

  5. Wonder what comics they have? Didn’t see it listed on the site. 9 Chickweed isn’t a personal fav but it’s always been visually fresh at least. Every comic has repetitive themes. Love Cul de Sac, but thought the barb at Rip was uneccasary…

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