Denver Post drops 12 Sunday, daily comics

The Denver Post has again reduced their comic line-up in order to “lower costs”. The announcement on their website didn’t list those that were eliminated, but an email from a frequent reader of this blog listed 12 features. Those features reportedly include: Rhymes with Orange F Minus, Bizarro, Doonesbury, Frazz, Brevity, Heart of the City, Scary Gary!, Dustin, Overboard, Knight Life and Non Sequiter. My source indicated these 12 were elimnated from both the Sunday and daily line-up.

35 thoughts on “Denver Post drops 12 Sunday, daily comics

  1. Glad the Denver Post still has Peanuts, Blondie, Garfield, Family Circus, and Dennis the Menace.

    But why would the Denver Post get rid of Doonesbury just recently?

  2. I think I waited too long to become a syndicated cartoonist.

    It is sad to see anyone ‘s strip getting cut. Too bad the newspapers do not value the comics more. Heck, I believe the paper is absolutely wrong in their actions. Most people I know of read the comics before hitting the news. They should expand the comic section and place a ton of strip shaped ads in every 5th slot… I bet businesses would love to be featured in the funnies section.

  3. I echo everything Daryl said about those strips they kept but Doonesbury and Non Sequitur are real head-scratchers. Do republicans run the Post by any chance? Is the Denver Post also the biggest newspaper ever to drop Doonesbury?

  4. Are Darryl and Jimmy being ironic or do they actually like the fact that they’re keeping strips for which the creators are no longer among the living and dumping those of cartoonists trying to carry the flame?

  5. Maybe Daryl was. I aplogize. I did like these strips.

    BTW Jim Davis still draws Garfield from what I understand. No mention of “For Better Or For Worse”?

  6. BTW here’s the comics still running in the Denver Post

    Baby Blues
    Beetle Bailey
    Bound & Gagged
    Close To Home
    Dennis The Menace
    The Family Circus
    For Better Or For Worse
    Fred Basset
    Free Range
    Freshly Squeezed
    Funky Winkerbean
    Get Fuzzy
    Jump Start
    Mother Goose & Grimm
    One Big Happy
    Pearls Berfore Swine
    Rose Is Rose
    Sally Forth
    Sherman’s Lagoon

    BTW I checked Saturday’s paper and didn’t find Dustin on there (must have been from a previous comics cut). Peanuts (probably just Mon-Sat. only because it’s still in their Sunday paper) was dropped so Dayl was slightly wrong.

  7. Re: Dustin. I checked last Sunday’s paper and Dustin was in there so they probably ran Dustin on Sundays only.

  8. “BTW Jim Davis still draws Garfield”. I don’t think so, Jimmy but I could be wrong. Maybe someone can verify. I don’t think Col. Sanders actually cooks his own chicken either.

  9. I was really perplexed about who they dropped…they used the OLD comics poll they did ..when was it? Late last year, or was it early this year? In any case. Seems they kept alot of but not all , strips that appeal to the “old folks” still reading the paper..
    Alot of the remainders are either “safe, legacy, or very cheap to buy and run…” Thank lawdy some of my favorites still remain..but…
    Phone calls were futile..
    I am cancelling my paper.

    @David- in the Posts initial reorganizing of the comics earlier ..they had sections on the comics pages reserved for ads… I didn’t see alot of ads being placed..they abandoned it recently and now this… two times they dumped strips to bring it back DOWN to what they originally ran before they absorbed the Rocky Mtn News line up… I predicted they would take about a year to trim it back down to their original sized line up… I think I’m about right on the money here… someone correct me if I’m wrong about the timing for that.

    I apologize to any cartoonists still running in the paper..but, I can no longer pay for a newspaper that has shrunk so much in SIZE and CONTENT that it is nothing more than an advertisement circular with some “stuff ” in it too. It’s hysterically funny how small they are now.. you should SEE how they layed them out..

    Remember when the Sunday paper took hours to read? Remember when the comics took you a while to pour over their big colorful pages?

    This Sunday it took me the time it took to eat my English Muffin. The comics? As long as it took me to find my magnifying glass to read some of the remaining line up…..

    I will be viewing online and BUYING your collections when they come out..
    🙁 I”m very sad for the industry.

  10. P.S ..If i was rich beyond my dreams don’t think for a SECOND I wouldn’t start a daily home delivery newspaper of nothing but the comics! Every morning , with your orange juice!

  11. According to Wikipedia, “(Jim) Davis resides in Albany, Indiana, where he and his staff produce Garfield under his Paws, Inc. company, launched in 1981. Paws, Inc. employs nearly 50 artists and licensing administrators, who work with agents around the world managing Garfield’s vast licensing, syndication, and entertainment empire. Mr. Davis is 65.”

    From this, I would assume he has creative control but his um, er… staff… probably works the boards.

    We now return you to your regular, diminishing newspaper industry thread, already in progress.

  12. Patty: The Denver Post comics poll was taken in March 2010. However, that poll had Peanuts ranked #10 and yet that strip has been cut to Sunday only (which is better than none).

  13. My wife and I were overjoyed to see that the Denver Post, (Or is it now a branch of the Wall St. Journal) has cancelled Doonsbury and Non Sequitur from its huddle of comic strips. As ardent supporters of the Tea Potty movement, we have long been enraged at the Lefty, Pinko, Commie, Fellow Traveler, Socialist tenor of these two strips that question the Right Ethic. With good editors like those at the Post, we, and our children, no longer must be exposed to social commentary. Since we are now secure, it will not be necessary to renew our subscription.

  14. Socialist tenor? If you deduct your interest on your house, you are engaged in a socialist government program. Be careful what you hold in contempt, as you might already be a part of it.

  15. Jim Davis employs 50 people to produce Garfield!?
    Obama should name him his Jobs Czar.

  16. I agree with Delach’s first comment. It’s hard to figure out why a major paper like the Denver Post would drop Doonesbury. But hey, who am I ?

  17. got a letter back from the Post..stating..well here it is you read it:

    Thanks for your note. We did have to cut back on our comics and puzzles,
    but we did not choose to drop or keep a feature based on its cost. We
    are keeping track of reader feedback.

    Jeanette Chavez
    Managing Editor
    The Denver Post

    sure they are..if they were don’t you think Peanuts would still be running..AND Doonesbury..sorry’s the heat.. I blame the heat

  18. Adam has had different artisits over the years and is getting lame. Scary Gary and Frazz were funny. I’ve read the comics daily for 25 years, save ’em after vacations. I only get the print paper for Comics and Sports, the rest I get faster on line.

  19. The Denver Post is indeed in trouble, when you can’t sell advertisement in the Comics section you have a problem. When this subscription runs out, I’ll cancel the Denver Post and find some other way to get news and comics: etc. The post is like an unemployed teacher; ” No Class.”..

  20. I am going to drop my subscription… how can they carry some of these crappy comics and get rid of Doonesbury? I’ll get my news some other way.

  21. Please don’t get rid of Frazz. He gives me many laughs as I have raised teenagers. I love the janitor of the school and the teacher. How many of us have had one like her? also love Baby Blues, Crankshaft, Luann ,Pickles, Zits and Funky Winkerbean. And please keep the Crosswords and Sudoku.

  22. Bring back Ed Stein. Here was a reason to continue subscribing to the paper in spite of the Post’s endorsements of former tea party favorites like Coffman and Gardner on the basis of their promise to “re-position” themselves. Since I don’t need a new car or a new mattress the only part I have to read are the comic pages.

  23. I am very disappointed the the Post has elected to remove many of the cartoons that are read by so many. The latest (Pooch cafe) is not only lacking in story content it looks like it was drawn by a child. If the cuts are made to save money, they are are going
    in the wrong direction. The subscription cost have gone up, the paper has shrunk in content in general and now they have dropped the main reason many of us continue to use them, please return Dunesbury and frazz at least!!!!

    If you want more business you must offer more not less. you are going to loose me if your present course continues.

  24. Is there any chance you could pick up Loretta and LeRoy? The lady that writes this is Hoest & Reinner. They certainly make more sense that animals talking. Hope you give them a try. Also enjoy Pickles, Funky Winkerbean, Crankshaft and many more. I also read the comics before I read the paper.

  25. You eliminate truly amusing cartoons such as Non Sequitur and Doonesbury and introduce a totally unfunny Pooch Cafe? Who’s in charge up there? After the Post’s endorsements this political season, I was already considering terminating my subscription. Your cheapo changes to the comics just adds to it.

  26. Agree Get Fuzzy is or was better than Who or Frazz. My current favorite is Tundra by Chad Carpenter. I lived in Alaska for 16 years when Chad started in Anchorage Daily News and soon went national. Lots of salmon and moose gags. Gary arsons Far Side is done and gone but I bet his best of panels would be popular again like Peanuts.

  27. Sorry about my auto correcting phone. I did spell Wumo. And Larson ‘ but phone automatically screwed them up.

  28. aw gee! Give us a break!!! “intelligent life? A double minus. What ever happened to funny?Wumo is another one.

  29. Non Sequitor has for a long time been one of my all time favorite comic strips. I was upset when it was taken off your listing some time ago, so I frequently looked at it on the website. Now that it is back for a trial run, I vote for it. It beats all of the other trial run strips I have seen so far. It’s one of the few that make me laugh out loud. Dilbert is another.

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