Cars 2 becomes 5th best opening weekend Pixar film

Last week I wondered aloud if Cars 2 would be the first Pixar dud. I was wrong. The film took the top spot on its debut weekend and based on the numbers I found on, the estimated $68 million Cars 2 earned this last weekend makes it the fifth highest grossing Pixar film on opening weekend.

Year    Film Title 1st Weekend Gross
2010    Toy Story 3 $110,307,189.00
2004    The Incredibles $70,467,623.00
2003    Finding Nemo $70,251,710.00
2009    Up $68,108,790.00
2011    Cars 2 $68,000,000.00
2008    WALL-E $63,087,526.00
2001    Monsters, Inc. $62,577,067.00
2006    Cars $60,119,509.00
1999    Toy Story 2 $57,388,839.00
2007    Ratatouille $47,027,395.00
1998    A Bug’s Life $33,258,052.00
1995    Toy Story $29,140,617.00

Did anyone see it this weekend? Your impressions?

9 thoughts on “Cars 2 becomes 5th best opening weekend Pixar film

  1. I liked this one more than the first Cars, although they are my two least favorite Pixar films. This one was fast-paced at least. What amazed me most was the level of detail. Some of the backgrounds were on screen for a couple of seconds (during a race, say) but totally crammed with detail. Seems like a lot of work for such a short viewing. But the 7-10 year old boys in the audience seemed to love the movie.

  2. Speaking of nice backgrounds, I saw Dreamworks’ “Kung Fu Panda 2” over the weekend and have to say I have not seen a better-looking animated film; the color pallete, the storybook-style depictions of the mythical, ancient Chinese civilization were really quite beautiful. The blend of computer and traditional line art animation was great too. Their “How to Train Your Dragon” was also pretty terrific in the visual dept.

  3. I haven’t seen Cars 2 yet, but did see Kung Fu Panda 2. I loved the art like Pete said, but thought the story was okay.
    It’s looks like based on the ending, KFP 3 is only three years away. Kinda wished Mars needs Moms would come back, missed that when it first came out.

  4. I went and saw it with my teenage daughter, despite the predictions by many that this would be Pixar’s first dud. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The story, the animation and the voices were all Pixar-strong.

  5. It’s not a dud, but it’s not a kaboom (or ka-chow). Felt more like a “direct to video” production with amazing backgrounds.

    Still, Mater was my least favourite character from the original film, so I’m biased against his starring role. Too much Mater spoils my appetite.

  6. OF COURSE Mater is the least favorite character of a guy who spells it “favourite.” Larry the Cable Guy is a comedy god down here in the lower 49, you Canucklehead you!

  7. It’s more “action” than “story” so it has a very different feel than the first movie. A lot of gun play going on that I wasn’t expecting.

    I did enjoy it. And my six year old and eight year old REALLY enjoyed it.

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