Garfield is a saboteur

I came across this letter to the editor and had a “Oh crap! Did Jim forgot to check his calendar again?” The date referenced below is the day before D-Day.

The comic strip “Garfield” has long impressed me with its consistent message of aggrandizing anti-social behavior. The strip is a detriment to young readers and an unwise source of so-called humor to the unthinkable adult.

This past Sunday’s Strip (The Journal-Standard, June 5) clearly went beyond the pale. That opinion, to me, is patently obvious; an explanation is hardly necessary.

Your paper would do well to substitute “Garfield” with a comic strip exhibiting a message of a more socially acceptable behavior (or, at least, a neutral one) and a more mature sort of humor. You owe it especially to the younger reader.

But alas, the strip had nothing to do with D-Day. Surely the reader never grew up with Bugs Bunny, the Roadrunner and Sylvester the cat on Saturday mornings. Here’s a link to offending cartoon.

11 thoughts on “Garfield is a saboteur

  1. Of all the things to be offended by, haha. I guess this just goes to show that there is nothing in the world that won’t offend at least one person


  3. Who’s the ‘unthinkable adult’ that the writer refers to?
    Unthinking, maybe. Then again, the writer is overthinking…

  4. “its consistent message of aggrandizing anti-social behavior”

    Clearly this letter was written by a pan of lasagna that has gained sentience and is outraged by Garfield?s attitude towards its inanimate but tasty brethren.

  5. Sounds like the drunks who used to call when I was doing talk radio. They’d try to push 50 cent words through a 25 cent brain, thinking it would make them sound at least sober if not intelligent.

  6. “An explanation is hardly necessary.”

    No, actually, I need an explanation. What is beyond the pale about this cartoon?

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