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Garfield is a saboteur

I came across this letter to the editor and had a “Oh crap! Did Jim forgot to check his calendar again?” The date referenced below is the day before D-Day.

The comic strip “Garfield” has long impressed me with its consistent message of aggrandizing anti-social behavior. The strip is a detriment to young readers and an unwise source of so-called humor to the unthinkable adult.

This past Sunday’s Strip (The Journal-Standard, June 5) clearly went beyond the pale. That opinion, to me, is patently obvious; an explanation is hardly necessary.

Your paper would do well to substitute “Garfield” with a comic strip exhibiting a message of a more socially acceptable behavior (or, at least, a neutral one) and a more mature sort of humor. You owe it especially to the younger reader.

But alas, the strip had nothing to do with D-Day. Surely the reader never grew up with Bugs Bunny, the Roadrunner and Sylvester the cat on Saturday mornings. Here’s a link to offending cartoon.

Community Comments

#1 Rich Diesslin
@ 1:06 pm

Somebody was offended by a Garfield cartoon? Dude. I guess they were off their meds that day.

#2 Andrew Caddell
@ 1:10 pm

Give me a break. :)

#3 Kat Ruhl
@ 1:53 pm

Of all the things to be offended by, haha. I guess this just goes to show that there is nothing in the world that won’t offend at least one person

#4 Ed Power
@ 2:06 pm


#5 Don N. Hagist
@ 2:15 pm

Who’s the ‘unthinkable adult’ that the writer refers to?
Unthinking, maybe. Then again, the writer is overthinking…

#6 Jesse Cline
@ 2:22 pm

Maybe the guy’s last name is “Monday”


*starts dancing around this like this:*

#7 Samuli Lintula
@ 3:27 pm

Yeah, what Ed said!

#8 Raymond Betancourt
@ 4:56 pm

“its consistent message of aggrandizing anti-social behavior”

Clearly this letter was written by a pan of lasagna that has gained sentience and is outraged by Garfield?s attitude towards its inanimate but tasty brethren.

#9 Mike Peterson
@ 6:53 pm

Sounds like the drunks who used to call when I was doing talk radio. They’d try to push 50 cent words through a 25 cent brain, thinking it would make them sound at least sober if not intelligent.

#10 Philip Taterczynski
@ 11:41 am

Garfield often offends me, but it does so by not being funny.

#11 Chris S.
@ 10:32 am

“An explanation is hardly necessary.”

No, actually, I need an explanation. What is beyond the pale about this cartoon?

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