Conservative Muslims target Egyptian cartoonist

It appears having gained freedom from Mubarrak this spring, Egyptians are still working out the free speech part. A conservative group of Muslims took offense to a cartoon by Mustafa Hussein and allege that a recent cartoon of his defamed Islam and made a mockery of Salafists (Salafists being the conservative Muslim group). In retaliation, they hacked their website.

According to the newspaper, a group of young conservative Muslims, or Salafists, allege that cartoonist Mustafa Hussein and writer Ahmed Ragab defamed Islam and made a mockery of Salafists.

In their hacking of the site, they say Hussein is inciting public opinion against them.

The cartoon was originally published on the newspaper?s website on June 4, which depicts a man and his desire to become a Salafist. He is dressed in the traditional galabiya, or long robe, and grows a beard.

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