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Your face in a Dilbert or Garfield cartoon

For $.99 you can upload your face and put it into a Dilbert or Garfield cartoon that you can then send to others.

From USA Today:

“We like to say that we’ve always viewed Dilbert as the first social media brand,” he jokingly explains. “These strips were among the first forms of entertainment that were being regularly faxed or e-mailed or posted up in cubicles. That Dilbert humor is always being shared.”

Community Comments

#1 Ed Power
@ 9:09 am

I’d also like to add that Garfeild was the first comic strip to speak to fat, bitter, lazy people like myself.

#2 Ben Paddon
@ 11:02 am



That is all.

#3 rodd perry
@ 1:34 pm

You’re supposed to make stuff like this free, so more people will read the comic.

#4 Jim Lavery
@ 2:14 pm

I guess its cheaper than buying Photoshop and pasting your head in the toon yourself.

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