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Video: Jeff Knurek drawing the Jumble puzzle

Jeff Knurek is the cartoonist behind the Jumble puzzle. Jesse Morton has posted a video of him drawing and explaining his work with the puzzle.

Untitled from Jesse Morton on Vimeo.

Community Comments

#1 Mark Stokes
@ 1:41 pm

It’s nice to see you working with bristol and ink! Great video, thanks for posting!

#2 Carol K. Loser
@ 7:57 am

Jeff: Why you draw sinking sail boats when there’s water in your cartoon?

#3 Jeff Knurek
@ 6:45 am

Carol- It’s something that Henri Arnold would do in his Jumble water scenes, so I’m keeping the tradition in his honor. Besides that, I have know idea why Henri did it.

#4 Cindy Ryan
@ 10:37 am

I love Jumble. I loved it 30 years ago and still love it. LUJBEM FEJF, you are a worthy successor to Henri! Really enjoy your drawings, and the sly but gentle wit in the strip.

#5 Jeff Knurek
@ 6:36 pm

Cindy, Thank you so much! That’s very sweet of you to say. Now get back to snarking!

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