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Daniel Beyer wins Cartoonist Studio contest

The Cartoonist Studio’s Cartoon Contest has yielded a winner. Daniel Beyer is the winner and takes home a development contract with Creators Syndicate. Daniel isn’t new to cartooning. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, Playboy, Reader’s Digest and he has a single panel feature on Comics Sherpa called Long Story Short.

Daniel works in advertising as an Art Director in Wisconsin.

More details coming.

Community Comments

#1 Daniel Boris
@ 7:41 pm

Congrats, Daniel! You do great work! Go knock em dead, man!

#2 Keith Brown
@ 7:43 pm

Congratulations Daniel.
Keith Brown
Creator of “The Wages of Sin!” We made it thru week nine!
Congrats again!
There’s seem to be a lot of great toonists named Daniel.

#3 Daniel Boris
@ 7:44 pm

; ))

Two big on-line contests and was a Finalist in both…not too shabby.

#4 Keith Brown
@ 8:17 pm

That’s wierd…what happened to Joe?

#5 Alan Gardner
@ 8:31 pm

“Joe” is not using his full name and has been using different identities. He’s no longer able to post comments.

#6 Keith Brown
@ 8:34 pm

Thanks Alan.

#7 Keith Brown
@ 8:51 pm

Hey Alan!
How’d you get the scoop when the Cartoonist studio has yet to announce on either thier website or facebook page?

#8 Daniel Boris
@ 8:53 pm

Don’t mess with the guy behind the curtain, Keith!

#9 Keith Brown
@ 8:58 pm

Sorry, happens everytime I wear my ruby slippers.

#10 Alan Gardner
@ 9:05 pm

Keith – I’ve got a source. :)

#11 David Jones
@ 9:10 pm

CONGRATS FROM EVERYONE IN OKRAPOLIS! Even Floyd the Dragon was happy to hear you won!!!! Serious Daniel, I am happy to be beat by someone as awesome as you!!!!

Dave Jones………….

#12 Keith Brown
@ 9:18 pm

Did your source give you that toon? LOL

#13 Bobbie Bearles
@ 10:52 pm


#14 Bobbie Bearles
@ 10:54 pm

Congrats to Daniel!

#15 Daniel Boris
@ 4:53 am

Uh, as much as I appreciate your wanting to promote MY excellent comic strip – that’s a Hoxwinder Hall strip you are currently displaying with the article – I was selected as Runner Up, not the actual “winner” of this contest.

; ))

Congrats again to Daniel BEYER. You are also an excellent cartoonist, my friend!

#16 Jim Lavery
@ 5:27 am

All you Daniel B’s look alike.

But congrats to the WINNING Daniel B–the sample The Cartoonist Studio put up nearly made me spit up my coffee. And congrats to RUNNER UP Daniel B, too—more than just being an honor I do believe you get some mentoring/guidance by the syndicate and/or cartoonists as a prize, right? So that’s a plus–and something to help you on your way.
Congrats to Rock Sawyer too–he did my wife’s favorite strip—besides my own….I think.

#17 Tom Falco
@ 6:10 am

Funny stuff. Congrats.

#18 Jill Tunick
@ 6:38 am

Dan, we are so proud of you! Congrats on being runner-up! That’s a fabulous honor. Hoxwinder Hall will always be my favorite strip.

#19 birgit keil
@ 7:14 am

Well done! I can’t wait to see you in syndication!

#20 David Shireman
@ 8:40 am

Congrats to the winner, but why did I spend so much time remembering to vote for Hoxwinder Hall, my favorite? Unless a couple-thousand votes traded places in the last hour or so, Hoxwinder was in second place, behind another strip (don’t remember which, but it wasn’t the winner). The “declared” winner was way behind in the voting.

The thousands of voters that spent weeks trying to support our favorite strips are feeling a little peeved right now that the voting wasn’t actually to decide the contest.

#21 Jim Lavery
@ 9:06 am

The votes weren’t the only deciding factor. One guy got 5000 votes and was #1 every week but he got cut after six weeks. It Wa’s votes along with content

#22 Mark Siciliano
@ 9:10 am

Congrats Daniel.
It’s well deserved.
I was also in the contest — made it to round #9. Best of luck to you.
Mark Siciliano
“Head Cheese”

#23 Jason Dodge
@ 9:26 am

Congrats Daniel. Also congrats on being published in the May issue of Playboy. The development deal should help get you publi-… oh wait ;)
The contest was great fun! Lots of talent there!

#24 Laura Butler
@ 9:39 am

I am not much into cartoons and found most of the cartoons rather boring. I did find Hoxwinder Hall to bring a smile to my face on a consistent level. I have been reading it from time to time at and love the story lines and consistentency. It makes me want to come back and see whats happening in the lives of Dozi and Bryon.

Good job Dan Boris. Keep up the good writing.

#25 Scott Lincoln
@ 10:39 am

Congratulations Daniel, it is well deserved! Has a great look and entertaining humor. Hope you meet with great success through it!

#26 Brian Martin
@ 10:54 am

Congrats Daniel. It was an honor competing against you!

#27 Lillian Whitaker
@ 11:20 am

I Would Like To Say Congrat?s Daniel Beyer But i Thought This Contest was for Amateur?s Only Someone That has Work Published In The Newyorker And Playboy Magazine Would Be considered a Top Profesional?I Thought The Amateur?s Deserved a Better Chance At This I?m Very Disapointed In This Contest.Lillian

#28 Jeff Payden
@ 11:57 am

Congratulations, Daniel! What an awesome opportunity. Best of luck with Creators. Personally, I had fun competing and making it to the finals with you and the others. In the end, the judges made a good choice from a quality group of comics.

Jeff Payden
Biff & Riley

#29 Rocky Sawyer
@ 12:30 pm

Lil,First and foremost, you must be an amateur. Acording to The Cartoonist Studio rules: Amateur status is defined by never having worked under a syndication contract, or never earning more than 25% of your income from cartooning. The New Yorker Playboy and Reader’s Digest …must be less then 25% OF Daniel Beyer income. so you see Lil you can Have work published in the NewYorker Playboy,Reader’s Digest… and still be consider to be an “Amateur”.

#30 Keith Brown
@ 2:05 pm

Cartooning is hard.

#31 Eunice Corbin
@ 6:38 pm

Congratulations Dan on placing in the contest! I love Hoxwinder Hall!!! I can’t wait to see if Byron gets caught hiding Dozi!

#32 Dale Stout
@ 6:50 pm

25%? I want to see the tax returns…or the Playboys.

#33 steve skelton
@ 7:08 pm

Congrats, Daniel! You have a new fan!!!! Really funny well delivered cartoons.

I have a comic that I have drawn for my local paper for 3 years and it appears on GoComics and Yahoo News comics. I also have been published numerous times in Playboy, as well as some others. I could have entered this contest, as my income from cartooning is far below 25%. Welcome to cartooning!

#34 Rene Bakewell
@ 9:48 pm

Congratulations Daniel! Long Story Short is an excellent comic and very worthy of the syndication deal! Good Luck! :)

#35 Rocky Sawyer
@ 10:35 pm

Congrats, Daniel I wish you all the best! From first runner up VanGogh & Rocky Sawyer

#36 Shreekanth G
@ 12:34 am

Congrats Daniel ! You are also an excellent cartoonist and i loved your cartoons.Wish you all the best ;)

#37 Dean Harris
@ 8:33 am

Congrats Daniel, great stuff
I keep waking up at 2:00 AM shrieking “time to vote!”

#38 David Jones
@ 3:48 pm

I do too Dean!!!! I wake up in cold sweats thinking I’ll be eliminated if I don’t cast that one vote!!!!!!!

It was a fun contest and I cannot wait to try it again in the Fall… But I ain’t gonna just sit and wait. We all must make some efforts and try our best to achieve our dreams. Just wished I knew what that next step is!!!!!!!

Good luck everyone!!!! Me and Fug Cheese will see you at the finish line!!!!!!!!

#39 Stan Kearns
@ 5:05 pm

seems like a valuable outlet (resource) to stay connected

#40 Stan Kearns
@ 5:05 pm

how many times?

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