Mike Luckovich on political caricatures of Obama

Today on NPR, Atlanta Journal Constitution editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich joins Steven Hess, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, to discuss political caricatures of President Obama after a lady in Orange County photoshopped a picture of a Obama over the face of a family of monkeys.

For the backstory, check out this LA Times:

Marilyn Davenport might be a racist. Or a moron. Or just a dotty old lady with a warped sense of humor, and a scant understanding of history.

For whatever reason, Davenport didn’t seem to realize the potential for offense in a cartoon she circulated depicting President Obama as the offspring of chimpanzees. It was just a joke, shared among friends ? many of them, like her, leaders of Orange County’s Republican Party.

Here’s the interview:

To see the photo in question, head over to OC Weekly who is following developments on this story.

6 thoughts on “Mike Luckovich on political caricatures of Obama

  1. I’m not sure I understand who ridiculed Republicans, Gerry but I do know is that it took 12:00 minutes to discuss and ultimately legitimize some yahoo private citizen who cobbled a not very original photoshopped racist image together of “HE WHO MUST NOT BE RIDICULED”, hits the “SEND” button and is now being discussed on NPR as though she’s a professional nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist.

  2. I guess that explains why the majority of daily editorial cartoons always display elephant guys in suits (even though the donkeys still have more power). Its so easy, there’s no creativity in it.

  3. The notion that Obama is beyond ridicule is disproven several times a week by good editorial cartoonists on both sides of the aisle. And some pretty lousy ones, too.

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