Anton Emdin posts inking with a brush tutorial

Anton Emdin, one of this year’s NCS nominees in the Magazine Feature/Magazine Illustration category, has posted a tutorial on inking with a brush.

Inking is fun! There’s something intoxicating and slightly scary about laying down permanent ink over a sketch you may have spent hours on. When I was starting out I often felt that I lost the energy of the sketch after I had finished. These days it is the opposite – I am confident I can inject even more energy into a drawing by just remembering a few tips and doing a little practice. But more on that later. First, we take a look at what we need to get started…

UPDATE: I received an email from Anton stating that the inking tutorial had to be removed due to “a conflict with an upcoming event.” He says he hopes to repost it in the future. Sorry.

6 thoughts on “Anton Emdin posts inking with a brush tutorial

  1. As a fellow cartoonist, I found Anton Emdin’s “Inking with a Brush Tutorial” extremely insightful & educational and thoroughly recommend all like minded people to check it out.

  2. I completely agree – one of the very best brush & ink tutorials I’ve ever seen, almost as good as Tom Richmond’s tutorials but with bigger and better photos… Pro artists and beginners alike should read this asap.

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